Wednesday, December 18, 2013

What's your Brand?

That wide ranging outlook of what is sustainable dealt with in the previous post will underscore an important element on the type of business you are in and where that business will fall into someday if despite an awakening you refuse to take the Green Advice.

Depending on the nature of business you are in that involves identifying which among those various processes within your trade lies the critical success factor(s)  ex: it could rest on “The value of employee’s Production Output”, “ Customer Satisfaction”, “Market Share”, “Buying Processes”, “Purchase Order”,  “Leadership”,  “Openness” , etc.; on this tally there are as many as 1 or more of these fields which would constitute the most significant factor in order for your business to be successful and for you  to be watchful of.

Wherever those substances lie, it should mark where you need to start to Green-wash that composite element which is causing your business to corrode or to start to wear down.

Furthermore, the critical success factor(s) must not only be oriented from within your business only but must also have a significant influence to enable it to cover an “Integrated Green Solution” so as to be sustainable.

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