Friday, December 27, 2013

What to Market?

Expanding further this developing market maturity that should set all business framers to move their discussion not only to the choice of Green materials, products, and processes with negative environmental impact but to further decode them toward oneness and connection to consumers in order to widen the impact of the business life-cycle.
Unpacking them however is done in a variety of ways because we have not gotten to the point where we can market an authentic product to our actual niche.

The measure of effectiveness that is generally fasten around the rising consumer expectation and how your brand can rise up to that expectation is often shaped by the “connectivity of your product toward your consumer” B2B or B2C, instead, try to “figure out your consumers’ connectivity to their needs”. In other words, in what way do they connect to their need (s)? Ex. You market their need to see - and not your glasses; their need to carry something hands free - and not your bag etc.  This is what you market because this is after-all why they are in the market in the first place, not your product per se.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Guilt Free Status

Speaking about consumer sustainability, shoppers drifting towards guilt free products that have ushered in sweet treats without the negative outcome is beginning to veer the market into authenticity because of the influx of self-monitoring and self-sensing electronic gadgets emerging in the market that are not only significantly cheap and handy but also towards far reaching directions that are unimaginable. To name a few are pedometers, heart rate monitor, calorie counter, sleep pattern device.

This will spontaneously raise every practitioner, firm or company to become more responsible and accountable with the product they produce to enable them to turn toward this rising consumer expectation.
This new growth has raised our Green Efficiency to move from just merely the idea of resource conservation and recovery as an end in itself, to this new orientation which is Human-centric. 



Wednesday, December 18, 2013

What's your Brand?

That wide ranging outlook of what is sustainable dealt with in the previous post will underscore an important element on the type of business you are in and where that business will fall into someday if despite an awakening you refuse to take the Green Advice.

Depending on the nature of business you are in that involves identifying which among those various processes within your trade lies the critical success factor(s)  ex: it could rest on “The value of employee’s Production Output”, “ Customer Satisfaction”, “Market Share”, “Buying Processes”, “Purchase Order”,  “Leadership”,  “Openness” , etc.; on this tally there are as many as 1 or more of these fields which would constitute the most significant factor in order for your business to be successful and for you  to be watchful of.

Wherever those substances lie, it should mark where you need to start to Green-wash that composite element which is causing your business to corrode or to start to wear down.

Furthermore, the critical success factor(s) must not only be oriented from within your business only but must also have a significant influence to enable it to cover an “Integrated Green Solution” so as to be sustainable.

Friday, December 13, 2013

What Sustainability Means

To uphold a balance that corresponds to an outlook of the entire “Green Infrastructure”, all known segments of human activity like the commercial, the domestic and agricultural, diverse as they are, must not be lacking or in conflict with each other thus stirring up a negative human impact when taken altogether - rather each segment contributes as an aid to sustain it by and large.

To therefore achieve a resilient pursuit, “Health and Comfort” recognized as the aim of all human economic or business activity must then contain a fitting environmental conservation initiative and a regard of the feature of the human bodily intake including its effect without any incompatibility or tension.

This apparently is what brings a holistic ecological framework and barriers that every credible businessman must restrict if it wants its business to flourish instead of corroding by oxidation or by synthetic contamination.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Green Basic

Another reason frequently cited that deters someone to venture into the benefits of making a Green choice is getting the Green System “rightly built”. Scores of hardware are entwined to clean up one’s mess thus winding up in costly devises instead of just providing a suitable habitat that is useful to keep those probiotic microbes fortified and consequently enable them to carry out their assault.

Hence calculating in this way to streamline a construction aim to outfit these living occupants means providing them only with the 4 basic elements to capture nature’s simplicity which is indeed the ultimate form of sophistication not comparable to those complex and expensive engineering speculations which pretty much run amiss and costly the moment one tries to reinvent the helm of nature.

Oh you!

Inaccurate solutions to remedy the existing gap of our natural cycle requires an extensive investment output causing well meaning firms to shy off or become timid on the prospect. This has now become the frequently cited deterrent that befits these firms and become defenceless on makeshift resolves that cannot adequately link that gap but mess it up further or necessitates unnecessary expense.

Nature has its way to hone the ruins by frugal means and employing workers without coercion. These workers are those free agents called probiotic  (promoting life) hostile to antibiotic and as a result it is hostile because it not only kills the bad bacteria, but it also kills the good ones (probiotic).
Very much alike our body’s immune system that protects us against diseases, we also have our environment’s ability to protect itself from pathogens.

However, notwithstanding our culture that has gone too far to take out microbes thus depleting our allies and making us susceptible to call Waste as unwanted debris, our businesses has also gone too far to throw what can still be readily reused as an aftermath -hence squandering those valuable resources which are for now becoming scarce and therefore costly.

Tough Decision

Since all human activity shares a common ground on the need to resolve what to us is Waste, and Thinking Green is the early start to ignite myriads of prospects that comes along from it, we have to commit to memory that the sum of each “insight” calls behind it a practical comprehension on what tools and which methods will prove useful to succeed since it is not adequate to just have any tool and method other than the man behind it who himself have embodied an in-depth understanding and a concrete method adjacent with how our natural environment toils.

We have with us the man of authority who has a number of years in experience and results who can direct you with your needs or steer you on the path you wish to go.

Why Green!

Thinking about improving your business or what other eminent business prospect to invest on these days? THINK GREEN...

What other single element inherently found in the industrial, in the agricultural and in the domestic institutions than waste.

Hence the reason why it is an integral part of your business that must be considered if you want to cut cost so as to utilize your waste or the other scenario where you want to dig into another business option - the prospect is enormous.

Yet notwithstanding its vastness there’s but a lone seminal agent that our company is providing which can tackle any challenge derived from waste that will put all these integrated stakeholders on a common ground.

If you are serious to get acquainted with how differently we do things and solve them in a comparably cheaper manner than any in the market today, call us now:  (032)236-5519 or (032)231-2157 

Not by Substitute but by Selection

In the previous writing we learn that we have 2 choices of ingredient to handle Waste or Decay that can either break earth’s natural cycle or bind it.

While “Waste” generally includes degradable and non-degradable materials, let’s turn our attention to “Decay” or the degradable.

In an era where an increasing population that requires a place to stay, food, water and other resources to support our modern living, what used to be carried out by earth’s natural processes cannot uphold it any longer and so the radical replacement slowly crept in since it was thought of as the only option, except that in this type of battle both the adversary and its opponent got stronger and more robust that it not only affected our health, shortened our life and ironically worsened the problem that it intended to solve in the first place.

Hence the need to go back and set out to select only the right ingredient that is sufficiently capable to manage the extent of Decay that needs to be recovered and that by all means is still entirely natural and living.

One crucial aspect that must be forbidden in this selection must exclude other living crawlers because they too eat what we eat and therefore may one day becomes our competitor.

Global Warming and Illness

It is now obvious that global warming caused by greenhouse effect and our widespread illness, all of which are derived from human activities, is taking its toll on us and therefore now is an excellent occasion to take a serious attention on where we have fallen and how to rebuild our ruins geared toward a more holistic approach that every well meaning advocate must trod; that in a way, each alternative contribution, big or small, would press for a more suitable end unlike our ineffective imprints that led to what we are now experiencing.

Waste or Decay in all forms is one that needs to be properly managed since it is the contributor that upsets our world’s natural ability to recycle what’s been used up, thus obstructing earth’s inherent order of things.

An in-depth scrutiny will show that the frame of mind employed to address this is to eliminate waste instead of mending the rift; and the reason why lethal products abound in the market today so to speak.

It is high time to remind patrons and supporters involved in YOLANDA tragedy to get involved on this contributing factor as a huge part of their planning.