Friday, December 27, 2013

What to Market?

Expanding further this developing market maturity that should set all business framers to move their discussion not only to the choice of Green materials, products, and processes with negative environmental impact but to further decode them toward oneness and connection to consumers in order to widen the impact of the business life-cycle.
Unpacking them however is done in a variety of ways because we have not gotten to the point where we can market an authentic product to our actual niche.

The measure of effectiveness that is generally fasten around the rising consumer expectation and how your brand can rise up to that expectation is often shaped by the “connectivity of your product toward your consumer” B2B or B2C, instead, try to “figure out your consumers’ connectivity to their needs”. In other words, in what way do they connect to their need (s)? Ex. You market their need to see - and not your glasses; their need to carry something hands free - and not your bag etc.  This is what you market because this is after-all why they are in the market in the first place, not your product per se.

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