Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Oh you!

Inaccurate solutions to remedy the existing gap of our natural cycle requires an extensive investment output causing well meaning firms to shy off or become timid on the prospect. This has now become the frequently cited deterrent that befits these firms and become defenceless on makeshift resolves that cannot adequately link that gap but mess it up further or necessitates unnecessary expense.

Nature has its way to hone the ruins by frugal means and employing workers without coercion. These workers are those free agents called probiotic  (promoting life) hostile to antibiotic and as a result it is hostile because it not only kills the bad bacteria, but it also kills the good ones (probiotic).
Very much alike our body’s immune system that protects us against diseases, we also have our environment’s ability to protect itself from pathogens.

However, notwithstanding our culture that has gone too far to take out microbes thus depleting our allies and making us susceptible to call Waste as unwanted debris, our businesses has also gone too far to throw what can still be readily reused as an aftermath -hence squandering those valuable resources which are for now becoming scarce and therefore costly.

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