Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Not by Substitute but by Selection

In the previous writing we learn that we have 2 choices of ingredient to handle Waste or Decay that can either break earth’s natural cycle or bind it.

While “Waste” generally includes degradable and non-degradable materials, let’s turn our attention to “Decay” or the degradable.

In an era where an increasing population that requires a place to stay, food, water and other resources to support our modern living, what used to be carried out by earth’s natural processes cannot uphold it any longer and so the radical replacement slowly crept in since it was thought of as the only option, except that in this type of battle both the adversary and its opponent got stronger and more robust that it not only affected our health, shortened our life and ironically worsened the problem that it intended to solve in the first place.

Hence the need to go back and set out to select only the right ingredient that is sufficiently capable to manage the extent of Decay that needs to be recovered and that by all means is still entirely natural and living.

One crucial aspect that must be forbidden in this selection must exclude other living crawlers because they too eat what we eat and therefore may one day becomes our competitor.

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