Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Global Warming and Illness

It is now obvious that global warming caused by greenhouse effect and our widespread illness, all of which are derived from human activities, is taking its toll on us and therefore now is an excellent occasion to take a serious attention on where we have fallen and how to rebuild our ruins geared toward a more holistic approach that every well meaning advocate must trod; that in a way, each alternative contribution, big or small, would press for a more suitable end unlike our ineffective imprints that led to what we are now experiencing.

Waste or Decay in all forms is one that needs to be properly managed since it is the contributor that upsets our world’s natural ability to recycle what’s been used up, thus obstructing earth’s inherent order of things.

An in-depth scrutiny will show that the frame of mind employed to address this is to eliminate waste instead of mending the rift; and the reason why lethal products abound in the market today so to speak.

It is high time to remind patrons and supporters involved in YOLANDA tragedy to get involved on this contributing factor as a huge part of their planning.

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